Dear friends and visitors.

Let me tell you about the last 3 years. I have had the privilege to establish and manage an evangelical ministry. This ministry is "The Golden Shofar - Man two Man- Ministry Australia" The Lord has made it possible for me to reach out and minister to hundreds in the nation of India.

In the last 3 years I have been a "Bi-vocational" Minister: A Middle management professional in the Building & Construction Industry in Melbourne Australia & a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My circular work enables me to provide, support my family needs, as well as covering the cost to run and manage an international ministry. I am so very grateful to the Lord for His provision that has enabled me to support the disadvantaged, provide clothes for the needy, provide Bibles to new believers, provide food to the hungry, pray for the sick to receive healing, provide foundational teachings to independent churches in India, in particular in hard to reach villages and towns.

I have been working with local - independent Christian churches in India & providing support to equip, train and disciple believers so that they, too, can take the Good News to their own people. In the fulfillment of the great commission, and in the "Doing" of the word of God, I am seeking your much needed support, to continue bringing the gospel message to the nations of Salvation to the lost; hope to the hopeless; freedom to the captive; support to the orphans & widows, and to provide education as a means to break the poverty cycle .

In this website there are some of the current programs I am seeking your help. Would you join with me and help make a difference?

Where does your support go:

Humanitarian Aid

Equipping the church

Evangelism Discipleship

100% of donations are applied directly into the mission field.

I encourage you to pray about this request. Feel free to check out all pages in this website: https://www.thegoldenshofar.com

You can also read about the Praise Reports, our Missions and much, much more.

The Lord bless you abundantly!.

Rick Chacon


Your finacial suport is required to build a House - Roof top Church

the Golden Shofar

Evangelical Ministry

Children's Outreach

Dadhiya Pardesh

Educational Outreach


House Roof top Church Construction

New Delhi

Church Shed - Construction