We are call to Jesus Christ, and the practical application of the shofar for our lives today.

The Shofar is an instrument which is created by Jehovah God and placed into the hands of His believers..

The Sound of The Shofar:

The shofar is one of the most ancient musical instruments that are still used in our modern world.                                                                                                                                            

We first read about it in the book of Exodus when God blew the shofar to call the people to Himself at Mount Sinai. 

Throughout the ages, the shofar has been an important part of Jewish life. But in these last days Believers are being called by God to discover their faith.  Through the shofar. This instrument is used as a means of warfare, repentance, encouragement, warning, conviction and victory. 

The sound of the Shofar is as powerful as it is unique. As we unearth the truths that surround the Shofar  we find that there is an awesome connection between it and God's greatest creation; mankind!  From within our churches to our streets, the sound of the Shofar will penetrate  the hearts and lives of all those within earshot of its powerful blast.

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